Tuesday, April 19, 2011

53. Make wood toys for the kids

 I finished putting together the cars for the kids.  Just in time for Easter baskets!

I began with a scrap piece of a 4 x 4.  I cut it down to be 2 1/2 x 2 1/2.  After having it cut down, I just used the band saw and belt sander to get it down to size.

Here's an look at what it started at and then what it looked like after cutting it down and sanding it.

 Here is the finished product.

Melissa did a great job painting up the drivers.  I can't wait for the kids to open up their Easter baskets.   This was such a fun project.

I am adding the cars to the piggy banks that I made the kids last summer.  Here is a reminder of what those looked like.

I have one more wood project to put together until I can consider this one done.  I have it all cut out, I just need to paint them up and it will be done.  Tomorrow I am going to pick up the colors that I need and get started on getting it all together.  Maybe it will even be done by Easter too!  We will see.


j & j moore said...

Fun! The cars turned out great. The kids will really enjoy them and the specific colors and little people designed just for each one of them:) Can't wait to see you all this weekend.

Mom said...

Adorable, Eric (and Melissa)!!!!!
I love the hair and each sweetheart's favorite color! I can't wait to see the cars and all of you!