Friday, April 29, 2011

88. Meet all the neighbors on my block

This goal falls into the category of: Things that should have happened years ago.  I don't have the personality to naturally approach people. I know if I didn't put this on the list there is no way that I would have tried to approach my neighbors.  Sadly, that's how I am.  If they don't approach me, I just smile and waive and hope they will make the first move.

I put this goal on the list because when I wrote my list I had still only met a few people who lived in our immediate area.  We have plenty of friends in the neighborhood, but the ones that live closest I didn't know.  Of the 6 houses on the block, I only knew the people in 2 of them.

Today I took Charlie out for a walk to the hardware store and on the way home I saw the guy who lives on the corner out in his driveway.  I decided to go up his driveway and say hello.  Unfortunately, that was about all we could say.

Right after leaving their house, I turned the corner and saw the other couple hanging out in the backyard. They waived so I took that as a cue to go say hello.  They've lived there for four years and this was the first time I have talked with them.  Pretty sad.  They seemed really nice. They are both police officers in a neighboring town.

Hopefully this will bring on more conversation rather than just waiving on Monday nights when we both are taking the garbage out.

Another goal down!

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