Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Excited about the end of the school year.

I'm excited about school coming to a close this year. Tomorrow is the last day. After that, summer vacation is on. I'm feeling good about this summer. I will be teaching summer school and tutoring a few kids. It should be good. While I am not so excited about waking up for summer school, I think it will help out with a schedule for me. I struggle in the summers with scheduling for eating and sleeping. This summer I will be required to be more on a schedule because I will be working. This will help out with training for the 5K. I will be able to have more of a schedule and have a real time for training. I struggled last summer training for the half-marathon without a schedule. I found myself running in the middle of the afternoon because I would stay in bed too long or I would have found something else to do before running. I'm excited about not having to do that too much this summer.
For my running, I took this week off. I'm going to get into it next week. I might get out for a few mile run this weekend. We'll see. I really am looking forward to try to beat the 20 minute mark for the 5K. I'm excited!

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