Thursday, June 12, 2008

Melissa's running now too

Yesterday I went out running with Melissa and pushed the girls in the jogger. We ran about a mile and a half. Melissa did great. We did walk a few times, but overall, Melissa did well. She even at points of walking started herself running again. It took me quite awhile to get to that point. I was really proud of her. She's still sore a day later, but she got started on her training. We've got a month and a half left until the race and it should be great. I haven't been on the schedule as strong as I want to, but I will get back on it. I do want to get under 20 minutes, and I still hope for that time, but it might be tough. I am appreciating more and more the fact that I ran my marathon in the spring. Summer running is really tough. I didn't like putting a hat, gloves, and scarf on to run way back in January, but I am seeing that it is way better than being overly sweaty in the summer.
I'm excited about the idea that Melissa is getting into running. It gives someone else to talk running about at home with. After her first run yesterday I didn't know if she would do it again, but I think she's going to be able to do it and to finish strong.

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Matt said...

Is Melissa going to start a blog too?