Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lazy Summer

I have found myself getting into a funk of not running or doing any extra exercise this summer. I don't know what's going on. I'm not saying that I'm just sitting on the couch all day, but I'm not getting out and doing anything toward my goal of the 20 minute 5K.
Today I did have the opportunity to be part of something great for Aurora. Our church had it's 3rd annual Operation Helping Hands project. The project is to go out into the community to make a difference for those around us by showing our actions as an act of love. I was the leader at the Salvation Army. I got to work with 30 other people on two projects. One of the projects was to put some new shelving in two of their pantry rooms. This was not so much of a physical job but more of an organizational job to help them be more organized with what they have. The second job was to make the outside look better. We had about 15 yards of mulch to work with and plenty of weeds to be picked. My friend Ryan took charge of what we would do outside and did a great job. I really am looking forward to driving by there soon and seeing how much of a difference we have made to that place.
As we were working I kept thinking about what was going on all around Aurora today. We had people working at 12 different sites all around Aurora. I thought about the thousands of people that drove by seeing people out beautifying things. I thought about how what we were doing for the Salvation Army would help them to serve the community better. I was just proud to have had the chance to be part of this project.
When we were finished, the guy in charge of the Salvation Army could not have been more happy with what we had done to help his facility. He asked us all if we would consider switching churches and going to his to be an example for them. I didn't know how to take this, but knew that we had showed God's love through service in our actions that day. It made me realize that the job I was doing made a difference in his life, and that he could see God working through us.

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