Monday, January 19, 2009

I went out on a date with Melissa

I went out the other night with Melissa. Just Melissa. It was nice to get away. It wasn't exactly the most exciting date, but in all honesty, any time away without the girls is a cherished time. My dad and his wife came over and watched the girls for the evening. We were told that the girls were good.
For our "date", we visited Josh and Jenean, Melissa's brother and sister-in-law, and from there went to The Container Store. Yep, hot date to The Container Store. I wasn't so impressed with the store, but I'm told people who like to organize things think it is great. We followed that stop with a trip to Giordano's pizza. We got a deep dish pepperoni pizza and it was delicious. While we were out we had intentions of going to REI, but it was too late and they had closed so I settled with Dick's Sporting goods. It's nice to just walk around those places. I can not wait until the canoe trip! Lastly, what could a date be without a trip to Target?
It was really nice to get away and to not worry about what was going on at home. I'm glad the girls gave my dad no problems. Can't wait until the next time away.


J-Rev said...

that's one hot date.

Matt Weis said...

Icing on the cake would have been to stop at some sort of auto parts store. That would've really upped the romance!

Eric said...

That's the kind of dates you get after kids come.

Mom said...

I hope to help with your next "getaway"! Maybe then you can get to an auto parts store and REI before it closes.