Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh No!!!

Centsports changed it's cash out policy and the new formula has you needing to get up to $20 in order to get the money. For those of you who don't know what centsports is, I have written about it in the past. My previous goal felt lofty because I needed to turn 10 cents into $10. My new goal is turning 10 cents into $20. Yikes! I have fun making bets on the site, it helps me keep up with different sports, but overall, it's frustrating. Lately, the best bet is to go against my beloved Chicago Bulls. It's tough betting against your own team, but goal #84 has me needing to win any bet I can. Lately, that one has been a sure one. I've got over 800 days to keep trying at it. Wish me luck.


Matt Weis said...

I just put a bet in for you... spend my winnings wisely!

Mom said...

Good luck!

J-Rev said...

oh no