Friday, June 3, 2011

56. Get a perfect score in Place the State

 During my break today I had a few minutes to spare so I snuck into the computer lab to have my hand at Place the State.  For those that don't know, or haven't figured out already, Place the State is a geography game where you are given the outline of the state and you need to click and drag it into place on the United States map.  In my six years of playing this game the best I have ever done is a score of being 1 mile off.  I have never gotten a perfect score. I don't know how many times I have sat and played the game for 20 to 30 minutes and not gotten a perfect score.  There is a little wiggle room in getting it right, but if you are off by too much on one of them it will penalize you and perfection is lost.

For my game I played (and won) today I started with Pennsylvania, then was given Nebraska and West Virginia.  It was right after I had gotten those two right that I knew I would be in good shape.  The middle states are by far the hardest (obviously) because you have no borders to match them up with.  After having those two in place I had a frame of reference and it was fairly smooth sailing from there.  I was actually pretty nervous that something would go wrong.  It seemed almost too easy.

After trying and failing so many times I expected this one to be a little bit harder.  Oh well.  I will take it!

One goal down!


Mom said...

Another amazing feat! Are you familiar with the History Channel's "How the States Got Their Shapes?" I just started watching it, and you might find it interesting too! I don't know when it's on because I watch it On Demand. There have been 4 shows so far. I love you, Eric!

Eric Weis said...

It is on the History Channel all the time. It is a pretty interesting show.

Eric Weis said...

I'm not sure I would label this an "amazing feat." Thanks though!

Matt said...

That's a fun game. I can see how a perfect score would be tough. I just played and missed by an average of 20 miles and I thought I was doing well!