Saturday, June 4, 2011

15. Get another seat added to my bike

When I wrote this post two weeks ago I didn't realize that an anonymous person would send a seat to our house for us.  I anticipated this one taking a little longer to get done, but I guess someone wanted us to have it in time for the summer to begin.  We are very grateful for that.

We have gone on three rides with it already.  Charlie and I rode down to the bank last week, I took all three kids for a ride on the trail by the river to throw rocks and look for ducks and geese, and tonight Melissa joined the four of us for a ride around the neighborhood.  We had fun!  It wasn't too much of a strenuous ride (I got up to 34 mph on the way home from work on Wed!) but it was very enjoyable.  Melissa did point out how much of a slacker she looked like with me riding three kids and her leisurely peddling by herself down the street.  I'm hoping that we can do more of these types of rides over the summer.

Charlie has found that he can rest his head on the rest in front of him. It would be really cute except that he wants to rest his head on the side with part of it on my arm.  It makes riding a bit difficult, but I don't mind it to give him a chance to rest.

I am so excited for this summer to get into swing so I can take the three kids on rides around town.

Two goals down!


Mom said...

All look like they're having fun! What a nice daddy you are! Tell Melissa she deserves a break once in awhile!

JRev said...

you look like super Dad

Eric Weis said...

I look like super dad in the picture, but you should see what I look like going up a hill with all that weight! Hills are my kryptonite for sure.