Friday, June 10, 2011

71. Put lighting up in the garage

This goal wasn't particularly difficult.  It just required some time and creativity.  Also, I had to spend about $4 for a few parts that I didn't already have just sitting around.  I had the lights (I removed them from a room that we took out in the basement). I also had the switch, plug and wires to do the job.  All I needed was two electrical boxes and a few connectors to fasten the wires to the boxes.  That was it.

This task is one that should have happened a long time ago.  That is why I added it to my list of goals.  If it wasn't on the list it still wouldn't be done. We do not have electricity wired to the garage.  Instead we have a heavy duty extension cord running to the garage to supply all of the electricity.  I would like to have it hard wired, but time, money and a convenient way to do it are all not on our side.  So we just have the extension cord right now.  At least we aren't set up like this guy!

Worst Automatic Garage Door Opener Installation Ever - Watch more Funny Videos

I thought about this video during most major decisions that I made during this project.  I don't want to be that guy!

Just being in there during the day with the light on makes a huge difference.  This will make working on projects out there be so much better.  I can work out there deep into the night with no need to worry about having a head lamp on or to figure out where to place the one spotlight that I have.

Goal #3 Done!


Gretchen said...

WOWWY zowwy Eric! You are knocking these goals out. :)

Eric Weis said...

I had a bit of free time this week. It would be nice to keep up this pace.
98 to go!

Mom said...

You definitely did a much better job than whoever that idiot was on the video. It's no wonder there are electrical house fires. Thank you for doing your best to keep the family safe! AND create a nice workplace for yourself!

Matt said...

That's got to be so nice to have lights out there! Great job! Exclamation point!