Monday, October 13, 2008

59. Eat at a Waffle House (if they have a juke box, play "Magic Carpet Ride")

I made it! This morning I went to Waffle House with Melissa. I put this goal on because when I lived down in Atlanta with my brother and Nate Jarot, we went there every morning. Well just about every morning, we went to Shoney's first, but that didn't quite work out after awhile, so we made Waffle House our permanent breakfast spot. My breakfast every morning was the All Star breakfast. It consists of two eggs, two pieces of toast, three strips of bacon, a bowl of grits and a waffle. It is a lot of food, I can't believe I used to eat that much each morning. It used to be $3.99, but today, inflation has brought it up to $6.50. It still isn't too bad for all the food you get, plus you are paying for great service. The Waffle House that we ate at was much different than any ones that we ate at in Atlanta. It seemed to be somewhat clean. I think it is the fact that our waitress wasn't smoking in the corner of the restaurant between visits to our table. That was a good improvement. Melissa and I both enjoyed our meals. I was surprised that Melissa almost finished all of it. I was proud!
One sad point was that they had a juke box, but no Magic Carpet Ride. Actually, I was a little glad that they didn't have the song. Not that I didn't want to hear it, but that the restaurant was full and if I put it on, I would have felt weird because up to that point, there wasn't music going on. It would have been a nice nostalgic moment, but I am alright with that part not being able to be completed.
I enjoyed conquering this goal because I don't know when I would have ever made the effort to get to a Waffle House again. It was fun to get back to one, I would actually enjoy going again sometime.


Matt Weis said...

Way to go! This was a big one to check off!

Eric said...

I had to travel across two states to get this one done!

Torres is the Last name and... said...

I love that this was on your list. Where did you travel to get this done? Was it a special trip for the WH or just happened to be good timing?

I had waffles for lunch that day in honor of your Waffle House visit!

Eric said...

Melissa's parents live in Dayton, OH. There are plenty of them around that area so we didn't have to drive too far after we made our trip down to visit her parents. I just kept seeing signs for WH when we would travel and wanted to go to one so bad. That's why it made the list.