Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another run down

I have to say, the feeling I had this morning is exactly why I was very hesitant to register for another marathon. The training is very tough and boring. I have been "blessed" with missing the first 10 weeks of a typical 18 week marathon schedule so I missed those miles and weeks of on-going runs. The problem is, I have got a lot to make up that I had missed. Am I worried? Not really. Matt told me he would carry me if I didn't make it through in the race, so I'm good.
This morning, I didn't want to get out of bed at all. The alarm went off, and I did the snooze thing, then I turned the alarm off after it went off for the second time (I have a habit of doing this and then thinking that with it off, I will be more alert because it is then up to me to get myself up, it works most of the time) luckily I got up. It has taken me a little longer than I was used to to get out of the house, today I found myself slowly moving around the house. I have to improve my time to get out of the house. It should be about 10 minutes from wake-up.
Today's run went alright. It was 40º outside. I asked for cold yesterday and I got it. Now I want it warmer, it was cold this morning. It made me think of the days when I trained for the last marathon when it was 3º outside. I realized this morning how horrible those days were. I didn't bring the ipod with me this morning. That was attributed to the fact that I already had taken enough time to get out of the house and I didn't have too far to run. I realized a little over half-way through the run, I forgot to drink anything before running. This made me cramp up a bit toward the end of the run. I put in 3 miles today and wanted to do better than I did yesterday. Unfortunately for me, I had to stop and tie my shoe twice. Once for each foot. I double-knotted each one after it came untied. Jose, just so you know, I didn't walk at all. I used you as a motivation to make sure I didn't walk. I ran faster towards the end to make sure that I didn't think about walking. I beat my time from yesterday by 2 minutes. I am not speed training, but it felt good go the same path/distance and finish it faster than the day before.
Overall, I am not so worried about the race or the training that I have missed. I have felt pretty good after these two runs. I think the big test will be this weekend when I've got 6 miles on the schedule.


Torres is the Last name and... said...

Hey what marathon are you training for this time?

Eric said...

It's called the Tecumseh Trail Marathon. It's in your neck of the woods in Bloomington, IN. It's in Yellowwood State Park. It should be a good time. I wrote a post about it a the end of last week. Check it out if you haven't already.