Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First run on the schedule

I ran my first scheduled run this morning. 3.2 miles. It was 58º outside. It was warm compared to what I am used to running in. I have to adjust to that for tomorrow and wear some shorts, I think that would help. The run went well. I ran down to the house that I grew up in on Fordham Ave. and back. I walked for about 15 seconds when I turned around and that was it. It felt great.
I rocked out to Amy Grant while I was running. I started by listening to some spanish podcasts that I had downloaded, but realized that I needed something more elementary. I will work on that tonight for tomorrow's run. I really didn't listen too much to the lyrics of the songs, but rather just had it as background noise. I got to the song "Curious Thing" and it was the first one that I started to think about. The song is basically about life and how things can change quickly. It's true. Things can change quickly. It is just a matter in how you adapt to the change. I would like to think that I take change pretty well. Some might think differently, but I have just learned that some things are tough and things happen that are out of our control sometimes. Remember, you can not control some things, so don't spend too much time worrying about something that you can do nothing about. This is something I learned while selling books and it stuck with me. I'm hoping it keeps sticking to me. I know there will be plenty of changes to come.


J-Rev said...

Way to go Eric. Starting your day off with a run. I am disappointed that you walked though... J/K.

Eric said...

Yeah, I didn't want to do it, it was just part of the turning around, then after I was walking, I couldn't stop. I only did it for a short time, but I will try to improve.

Mom said...

Eric, Keep working toward your goals. The temperature is going to be right back down to what you're used to very soon. It's nice having a sense of accomplishment, isn't it? How did the house look? I love you!