Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Great Gatsby, a classic novel

I didn't want to post this for awhile. I was feeling so great about having a post that had so many comments, I wanted to leave it as the headliner. Unfortunately, I have to write more and bore everyone into not commenting ever again. If you want to continue giving suggestions for alternate goals, I am all ears. I loved the ideas so far.
I finally finished The Great Gatsby. I had to renew it from the library because I had it out too long (they consider it a high read book that high schoolers check out often, so they shorten the check-out time). I finished it in about four weeks. Not too bad.
The book was pretty good. I followed it pretty well and was able to know the general idea throughout (sometimes I struggle with older books, which is why I have this goal). If you want a summary of the book you can check it out on wikipedia. I looked their summary over and the stuff about the book checks out. You can trust the content on this one.
Overall, I liked the book. It is another classic book that I now know what is about. There are still plenty that I have no clue about that I will hopefully get to in the future.
What's up next? I am not yet sure. Probably a book about canoeing. I need to get some reading in before next spring when we have got the Walter V. Weis Memorial Canoe Trip. I'm sure I will keep you posted as to what I am reading.


Tyler said...

I wouldn't feel too bad Eric, you have had constant post comments of late. I have thought of a way to keep this comment thread going by asking a question, Would you rather wear a fanny pack or earmuffs?

Mom said...

The Great Gatsby is a book I really love. I know I've read it at least 3 times, the most recent being last summer. Because I don't have a life, I was able to read it over a 2 day time period. I have the VHS movie with Robert Redford if you'd ever like to borrow it. I love you, EP.

J-Rev said...

We read this book in school. Well, "we" all didn't read it. I rented the movie and then talked about it.

Eric said...

Fanny Pack or Earmuffs? No comment...
I haven't seen the movie. I just might venture over to pick it up some time, the library has it.
Jose, Yes, I used to read books by way of videos. That is why I took on this goal. I am hoping to read some of the books that I missed out on when I was in school.