Monday, March 30, 2009

23. Go to 4 new restaurants

I did it! Four restaurants done. Mom, I did it, I went to White Castle!

Matt took me to White Castle yesterday. I had no idea what to expect when I went there. I told Matt, I was nervous going in there because I have heard so many things about the food being so bad. I've never been there. I have been around them for my whole life, but my mom said it was disgusting, so I have stayed away. $.61 for a burger. Not too bad at all. You do need to eat a few of them to have a sense of being full, but it did the job. I was not blown away by the food. I can see how people like the food, but overall, it wasn't that great. I can now feel confident eating the food if expected, but I will not be seeking it out in the future.
Four restaurants visited, another goal down!


J-Rev said...

I am okay if I never eat there again.

Mom said...

Amen, J-Rev!!!