Sunday, March 22, 2009


Amadeus = 160 minutes

It was short, but I had to watch it in two sittings. The first sitting was side one of the DVD. I couldn't get the second side to play so I had to return it. I later found out that our DVD player died in the time it took me to turn the disk over. Two weeks later, I re-checked it out from the library and watched the other side on our basement television.
This film was alright. After doing some reading about the movie, I found out that it really is a very loose portrayal of Mozart's life. Before watching the movie, I had hoped to learn more about what his life was like. Unfortunately, I found out that most of the things that it talked about in the movie were very fictitious. Oh well. Another movie down!


Mom said...

It would be so nice if "bio" movies were true. So many times the writers feel they have to enhance the truth to sell a movie. They do the same with good books, and most people don't read to know what they are missing. Good for you for doing the research. (Have you been folding laundry while you're watching all these movies?)

Eric said...

I don't fold laundry during movies, it is my chance to just lie down and rest.