Monday, March 30, 2009

Wild Card

I am going to take on a page out of my brother's book and take on a Wild Card for my goals. The main idea is to cancel out goals that I originally put on, but no longer want to do, I don't think it is attainable, or feel that it can't be attained within the time frame. To get I wild card, I will need to do one of two things. Run a marathon, or run a half - marathon. The one catch is that it will need to be in addition to goal #10. I will need to have two races completed before being able to use the wild card. If the first two races I run are marathons, they don't count for a wild card, but all others after that count. Easy enough. I'm not planning on doing like Matt is and having one wild card a month, but it is a nice way to productively eliminate goals without feeling guilty about not completing them. It should be interesting to see how this is going to work.


Matt Weis said...

You won't regret it... the Wild Card changed my life!

Mom said...

Even if you achieve half of your goals, you're better than the average human on the planet! I love you, EP!

Eric said...

Thanks for putting me better than average mom.