Friday, March 20, 2009

27. Write a letter to an editor that makes it into the publication

This goal has come up recently when talking with people around me. I am currently, and have been for awhile, trying to get this goal accomplished. Each week when I get my TIME magazine, I read it cover to cover. Throughout my time reading, I think about what things I could write that could possibly make it into the magazine. I find that it helps my level of reading to improve greatly as I go through each page. It makes me focus and analyze each article. I have really found it much more interesting to read, also, I have found that my comprehension of each story has improved greatly as well while doing it. It is amazing how reading with a purpose does that.

I know, shooting for TIME magazine exclusively is like training to only qualify for the Olympics and passing other opportunities that could be much more easily attained. I get that, but I already read TIME magazine each week. I could read the Beacon News (Aurora's local paper) write in a few letters, and have it published and be done, but honestly, I don't want to do that. I would have to start getting the paper daily, read it closely, then keep looking at each paper to see if my writing made it in. The next possibility would be the Chicago Tribune, because I subscribe to it already. I see a letter to them as being at the same level as TIME though, so I don't see any real incentive to be writing to both on a weekly basis. Plus, I put enough in to one letter, I don't need another one to think about.

Overall, I see this goal as a big one. Probably harder than the free throws or learning spanish. But it is one that I really want and am really pushing for. If I don't make it, I won't feel like a failure, but I will keep trying each week to see if my insite or analysis was enough to catch the editor's eye. That is the prize, and I'm gonna keep trying for it!


Mom said...

EP, if you have one iota of your dad's writing talent, this goal will be no problem! (I did have to be editor, though.) I love you!

Matt Weis said...

Will you let us know when you get published, or should I read TIME every week to see?

Eric said...

Yep, get the magazine and read it each week. When you are done, check page 10 and see if I made it.