Tuesday, August 18, 2009

31. Learn how to make videos on the computer

I put together my first video. I looked over all of our videos and tried to find something that would be good to put together. I picked two clips that I felt worked together. I chose the first steps of each of the girls. I enjoyed doing this, it was fun spending more time watching the first steps of the girls. They've grown so much!
This is a really elementary level of making a video, but I feel like I have a good grasp as to how to make a video. I used titles, transitions and learned how to use sections of video that we have filmed. There's a long way to go before I feel I have it mastered, but I feel like I have a good idea for how to make a video.

For the record, I filmed Hannah and Melissa filmed Maddie. Melissa did a great job, I didn't do so great. Sorry Hannah that the end of your first steps video isn't so great.

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