Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another stop at the Blood Bank

I stopped by the neighborhood blood bank today to make another deposit. As I was filling out my registration forms I noticed that my printout had the words RARE and ENZ listed on my form. I asked what that meant, and they told me that my blood is rare and that I have rare enzymes in it. That is great and that isn't so great. It's great because it allows me to help boost the bank for O blood and the blood that takes on the special enzymes (I don't know what they do, but the nurse was excited that I was there as it is one that is often in very short supply). It's not so great because if I ever come to a time that I need a transfusion (God forbid), I am going to be hoping that others that have my blood type with the enzymes that I have.
I don't know how my desire to go to give blood really began. I know I began giving regularly after 9/11. I always used to go thinking that someone else's grandmother needs my blood. I think it's worth it. I know that the blood I give helps to supply a need for someone who is in a really bad situation at the time. That said, if you are in a position to give blood, get out there and do it! Someone's grandmother needs it.
Another plus...I got a free pint of ice cream from Oberweis and a free blanket for donating today.

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Mom said...

This grandma needed 9 units of blood when you were just a little kid. You grew up with a mom because some people donated blood. Thanks, Eric! You continue to amaze me with how wonderful you are!