Wednesday, August 19, 2009

85. Complete my current house to do list

This was quite the interesting task. I can't believe it was only worth one goal. When I initially wrote it down, I had a list of things I was procrastinating to do. Obviously it has been something that has taken me quite awhile to finish. There were some very easy tasks, and some that were much more involved. Here is what I did:

Storm door in guest room (finished 8/14/08)

This door has been on and off quite a few times since we moved in. We finally got it painted and got the hardware taken care of. I also replaced the screen.
Put brackets to anchor shelving in basement (finished 8/23/08)

This was another relatively easy job as all I needed to do is buy some brackets and attach them to the shelving and then to the wall. Some parts were a little more difficult as I needed to add some wood in for spacing help, but it wasn't too much of a problem.

Change pull cord in girls room (finished 9/3/08)
This job took me about 2 minutes to do. The ceiling fan in the girls room isn't hooked up to the light switch so we have to pull the chains dangling from the fan. The chains don't have extensions to them so you have to reach all the way to the fan to be able to turn the light and fan on or off.

Box in laundry room (finished 11/7/08)
After finishing the basement and laundry room, there were a few tasks that still didn't get finished after we finished doing the work in the basement. This was one of them. Before the box, it was just exposed piping, studs, and concrete. Now it is covered up and has a function. I was dreading this one as I was planning on putting doors up, but Melissa came up with the brilliant idea to just add curtains and eliminate the door idea altogether.

Lock on guest room door (finished 3/31/09)
Can you believe there was never a lock on this door? It is an exterior door, but on the second story. When we moved in, the previous owners had just put a screw through the door into the framing. Hopefully some day we will be able to finish the porch up there so the door can be used a little more. This was a job that needed to be done. Now to put locks on the last few windows that don't have locks.

Fix small hole on basement stairs (finished 4/2/09)

This was just a spot that annoyed me every time I went up the stairs that didn't get finished when I did all of the other drywall. I don't know why I left it unfinished, but I did. Now it's done.

Finish threshold on basement stairs (finished 7/29/09)

Another unfinished part of our basement.

Finish stone/sandbox (finished 8/9/09)
This job took many days to complete. I started it last summer, but took a lot of time to get motivated to get back out there to finish the job. Furthering my desire to not finish the job was
the new swing set that we have out in the yard, but I knew I had put far too much work into this to not finish it. It looks pretty good now and is no longer an obstacle course for the girls to go through when they want to play in the sand.

Paneling on bathtub (finished 8/18/09)
When we remodeled the bathroom we did a pretty good job at completing the whole job. Except for this little part that has driven me nuts. It is not something that really stands out, but it is something that I notice every time I see it. It took some detail cutting to be able to get a piece that would fit. I have actually tried to do this a few times only to have the piece not fit and have to start it all over. I finally got it all figured out and caulked so it looks much better.

I would have gotten done a lot faster if it wasn't for this project that developed this summer. Melissa found a great deal on this swing set so we had to get it. The girls love it and it gives Melissa another place to spend time with the girls during the day.


melissa said...

I think this is my favorite goal that you have (or at least one of them). YAY!!!! for getting it all done!

Brad and Laura said...

what?!?! that's one goal?!?!
Way to go, Eric!! This needs to be a goal of Brad's too :)

J-Rev said...


Anonymous said...

Eric, I'm very impressed. This is ONE goal?? You're setting the bar very high for the rest of us handymen. I still have an unfinished caulk joint around the fireplace, the garage keypad doesn't work, and the sliding screen door needs to be replaced, thanks to Millie bolting through it one Saturday afternoon. I have no schedule to get these done. -Jeff (Maureen's husband)

Eric Weis said...

Yes Jeff, this was one goal. I did set the bar pretty high. I just threw it in there because when I was making my goals, I had the list of things to do, but no motivation to get them done. I figured if I made it one of the 101, I would be much more motivated to get it done. Now to some of the more ambitious goals, like learning Spanish and to finally get 20 free throws made.