Thursday, August 20, 2009

One year down!

Well, I'm 4/11ths of the way done with this huge undertaking. Today marks the 365th day that I have been at work on my goals. I had set the goal a month ago to get 33 goals completed (which would explain why I have been on such a role lately) and I just made it with my to do list. This has been fun as it has challenged me to do things that I normally would not have done before. It has also gotten me to work a little harder to get things done on a better time line. I know that if I didn't have this blog with these goals, I definitely wouldn't be motivated to get some of these things done. That's the point of setting goals with a time line and having people keep you accountable to it. I'm going to keep going strong at getting as many goals done as fast as I can. It's fun to have legit stuff to write about as an update. I know I will go into a drought here soon, but hopefully it will stay away for awhile. I'm really feeling a good sense of accomplishment!

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