Monday, August 17, 2009

37. Lucky Man

I just finished up with Michael J. Fox's memoir "Lucky Man." It really was a good book. As many people who know me know, I love the Back to the Future trilogy. It seems that at many opportunities I am able to pull out a quote from one of the movies without too much effort("100 years ago? That's this year!"). I thought it was neat to be able to read about his progression as a normal teen growing up in Canada all the way to the top of the world in the late 80s.
The book chronicles his steps through battling Parkinson's disease. The first chapter begins talking about his first realization that something was wrong with his body. At that point, I had worried that the whole book would just be an attempt to bring awareness to Parkinson's, but it definitely did not. There was plenty of details of his life talking about the ups and downs of a Hollywood lifestyle.
I had no intentions of reading this book originally. I was just strolling through the biography section at the library looking for something interesting and I stumbled across it. I'm happy I did.
When I started my list of goals, I knew I would have a lot of reading to do. Surprisingly, I have kept up pretty good and have stayed right on track. The next book I am reading is for goal 69 dealing with nutrition. Melissa and I were at Borders the other night and I found one that should be good. It is titled "Nutrition for Life." It discusses in detail vitamins and nutrients and what they do for your body. I'm sure it won't generate too many comments (not many posts do) but it should be a good book to read to understand foods better.
3 biographies done, 2 to go!

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Mom said...

I'd probably enjoy that book, too. I like MJF. I have too many other "have to read for my job" books to read before I can read for "fun" though. Thanks for the book review!