Tuesday, August 4, 2009

17. Solving the Rubik's Cube = Done!

I have finally gotten this thing done. I had gotten it together, but never have I solved it with confidence that I could do it again. Most of the times that it was solved, it was more a fluke and nothing that I felt that I knew I could do it again. Today I did it once, and felt that I knew how to replicate it. I have done it a bunch of times today so I now know that It is something that I can do over and over. This skill is one that won't win me a job interview, but I have always been interested in knowing how the cube works, and now I really think I've got a handle on it.

I did a video of me doing the cube. I tried to upload it onto blogspot last night and after over 4 hours of uploading, I decided to put it on youtube this morning.

Don't get too excited.


Gretchen said...

I hate that thing! Way to go though... You are amazing! And in case you ever have another video to upload you can always embed your youtube video right into your blog. Just FYI. :)

Mom said...

Wow, Eric! You're so good . .and fast! Did it ever occur to you that the reason it took you so long to figure it out was that every time you got close, one of the girls would rearrange it for you? Yay, Eric!

Eric Weis said...

embed it into the blog? How do I do that? It took so long uploading, I just figured to put the link into the description. I'd like to change it though if I can.

Matt Weis said...

This was your most interesting non-vegetable post in a while... Keep up the good work!