Tuesday, December 22, 2009

13. Sit ups

This morning I watched Melissa's 89 year old Grandfather do 40 sit ups with no problem. He says he does them every day just to keep his strength up and to keep active. He didn't struggle at all to get them done at all. Makes me think that I really need to get into the groove of working on my own sit up and push up goals. I didn't dare to try to max out in at that time. I'm going to wait for a more private setting to see what I can do. Hopefully I can get to 40 easy ones sometime soon and make my way to 100. Sometimes you find motivation in places you never expected it to come from.


Matt Weis said...

We'll do sit-ups this weekend... I could use some motivation too. I'm up to 55 but it is not easy at all.

Mom said...

Believe this because it's true. I was the only girl in my senior (high school)gym class who could do 50 situps. I think I won an award for it too. If grandpa can do it at 89 maybe I should be trying it again at a slower, lower level. Keep up the good work. One of these days you boys may actually motivate your mother to get into better shape again!

Latharia said...

Thanks for visiting our blog! Good luck on your list ... we are really enjoying checking things off our list. We'll be revisiting it when the holidays die down in a week, so we can start picking new items to work on!