Saturday, December 12, 2009

91. Foundations of Curriculum EDU 8130

I just finished my first class of my program (1 of 14). The second will be finishing later this week. While having a class on Saturday mornings beginning at 7:30 isn't the most ideal time to have a class, I enjoyed the class quite a bit. The group of people that I have class with is a really good group. This class studied how curriculum is put together and what components make it up. That's the least boring way for me to describe the class.
As enacted earlier for marathon completion, Matt suggested that each class that I finish will also count as a wildcard. I think that is a fair suggestion as it trades the time that I am taking for my studies for a task that is no longer one that I see as important.
The thing that I see as not as important is cleaning out the car. While I do see it as important, I haven't kept the integrity of the goal getting it cleaned as much as the goal intends. Another goal down!


Matt Weis said...

Nice job... thanks for blogging so much lately!

Mom said...

So proud, Eric! I'll clean out the car next time I'm there (not for a holiday, just a regular visit!) Thanks for keeping me posted on what's happening in your life!

Eric Weis said...

My fifth post of the month. I know the two of you like to see new material. I just wish it was more interesting.

Mom said...

Don't denigrate yourself! Everything you say is interesting to someone! You just happen to be fortunate enough to have a mother and brother who appreciate any communication. I haven't ever been bored by anything you've written, EP! Keep it up!