Tuesday, December 15, 2009

34. Curriculum Renewal/Reform

Another class down! (2 of 14) Not much to say but I'm glad it is done.
I'm using the wildcard on the memorization of presidents/vp/party because I don't have as strong of a desire to memorize the vp/party section anymore. I still look at the list of presidents and try to get them down, but I don't think the other two parts are as important anymore. Another goal down!


Matt Weis said...

You are correct when you say that memorizing the VP and party is not important... Just the Presidents is quite an accomplishment.

Mom said...

What is new in curriculum renewal/reform? Every ten years something new comes out. We should go back to teaching reading, writing, and 'rithmatic with a few manners thrown in. I'm off my soapbox now, EP. I love you!

Eric Weis said...

We didn't necessarily talk about what is new. We talked about the history of reforms. The only new things we talked about seemed to be different programs out there that were being used. That was the class I worked on "A Nation at Risk." That report was followed by lots of different reforms. It wasn't really talking about the latest/greatest stuff, but more the important things that have happened over the years.