Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bulls v. Pacers 12/29/09

The original plan for the night was for me to take the girls over to my friend Ryan's house to give both Melissa and his wife Leslee a break from the kids. It turned out to be nothing close to that.
At 4:21, I got a text from my friend Jay asking if I would go to the Bulls game tonight. He had tickets from work that he couldn't use and was looking to give away. I asked Melissa and she said no problem. So....Ryan and I went to the game together leaving the wives to entertain the kids while we were away. Our seats were on one of the ends of the court about 20 to 25 rows up. Face value of $110! It was great! I have only been to two Bulls games and the last one was about three years ago with Matt. It sure is different when you are down by the court watching the game.
Here's a picture to show the view from our seats.
A shot of the scoreboard after the game.

Because we were not in easy-out parking we had time to stroll around outside after the game. We made it over to the Jordan statue and snapped a few pictures. It was a pretty popular place to be after the game and took quite awhile to get a shot.
Altogether it was a great night. Definitely something that doesn't happen too often. Melissa said that the kids were good and that she had a fine night. Thanks Melissa for being so great!


Mom said...

It's nice that you could do something special on your time off from school. One time (when you were little) after a Bulls game you also got a tour of Cabrini Green at about 11pm. It was very scary. You and Matt were in the back seat of the car looking out the windows at the kids running through the fire hydrant water and all the people out in the street wondering what we were doing there! I hope Melissa will get a fun thing to do sometime soon too!

Anonymous said...

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