Monday, December 28, 2009

62. Visit My Grandparent's Grave

Matt and I went out for a run this morning. I have to say that after the run today I am so glad that I got a treadmill for Christmas. Aside from a few times with uncomfortable wind, the weather wasn't too bad. The snow was the problem. The city of Aurora apparently takes over two days to plow some of the side streets. Our destination that we wanted to get to was the cemetery where our grandparents are buried. After taking a roundabout trip to get there we made it to the entrance. I had done a little research at the library to find out where they were buried, but that didn't help so much due to the large amount of snow that we had gotten over the past few days. After a lot of walking around and trekking through snow we finally found a headstone with the "Weis" name on it. It was in the right area that the library materials said it would be, but from what I thought I remembered, their names were on the headstone. Maybe it was on a smaller plaque hidden under the snow.
Due to the large amount of snow we couldn't tell if there were smaller stones on the ground signifying if this was indeed where our grandparents were buried. I will have to stop by again when the snow disappears to check again. Its not too hard to stop by the cemetery. I just wanted to do it with Matt the first time I went there.
After leaving the cemetery we stumbled upon this opportunity.
I was in no shape to top out at Michael Scott's max speed of 31 mph, but I just had fun running with it picking up my speed.
When we were done running I felt pretty tired. Between the wind and snow it gave me a greater appreciation for the treadmill at home. Having Matt out there on the run made it much more bearable for sure.
27 days until the race! Hopefully I will be ready!


Matt Weis said...

Thanks for a great run, Eric!

Mom said...

What cemetery is this, Eric? How far did you have to run? Good job! Hopefully, you'll be able to determine if it is Grandma and Grandpa's grave. There are other Weises in town after all.