Sunday, March 7, 2010

50. Make a video of the girls

This is a goal I truly enjoyed. At home I often find myself looking on the computer at videos of the girls (and the few that we have of Charlie) and just enjoying them.  The intent of this goal was to make something that would not let those videos just be gone forever.  This is a collection of videos of the girls' first year.  It's long, but honestly, it is nice to have the highlights of all of our videos in one spot.  Hopefully I will be able to do this each year as the family continues to grow.

I had to break the video into sections because it was too long by itself.  This isn't the most exciting post, but it will be special to us in the years to come.

Goal done!  I definitely missed out on getting my 7 goals done last month. I'm still working toward getting those ones away.  I just got busy and the goals always take a back seat when it comes to family and school work.  We'll see what this month has in store for me.


Mom said...

Thanks for doing this and putting it on your blog, Eric. Now I can look at them as often as I like. (Everyday??????) I love you all very much!

J-Rev said...

This is awesome! You got to love making family videos.