Tuesday, March 23, 2010

78. Ride my bike to work

I finally got my bike back to the condition it needs to be.  I took it to the shop to get a tune-up a week ago and picked it up yesterday. Boy am I glad I got it fixed. It feels like a new bike. It shifts really smoothly and rides a lot better than it had in the past.

Today was my first opportunity to ride my bike to work. I really enjoyed it! It's a good feeling to put a backpack and helmet on before heading off to work. It was pretty cold outside.  The temp was 34 degrees outside when I started, but I quickly got my body warmed up and feeling good. The ride is fairly easy. It is mostly residential streets that all have sidewalks if the roads get too crowded. When I got to school, I realized I didn't pack socks. I got to wear nice dress pants with good dress shoes with athletic white ankle socks all day. Talk about a fashion statement! Melissa thought it was pretty funny, and was nice enough to offer to swing by with a replacement.  I quickly shot that down, but it was a really nice offer. I used the moment to tell the kids not to wear white socks when dressing up. It looks sloppy. It brought me back to the middle school band days where everyone was dressed up but had white socks on.

I'm happy that the weather is nice enough now to get this goal done.  I really enjoyed it.  Hopefully it will be done by the end of April.  Everything after that will be all about having fun.


Matt Weis said...

I'm jealous - I wish I could ride my bike to work... It seems like a great way to start/end the work day.

Mom said...

This is another blog I missed seeing for awhile. I don't know how that happens! How many miles is it to your school from home? Good job, Eric! Our superintendent has told the teachers that we need to teach the kids manners. I hope she doesn't hear about teaching them not to wear white socks with dress clothes! I love you!