Thursday, March 18, 2010

Updates - Long Boring Post

I need to write this post to keep a record of things that I am doing and things that I am hoping to do.  While I am overwhelmed at times with all that is going on in my life, I find this list as the thing that has kept me connected and sane.  I love that I have goals to accomplish outside of everything that I have going on.

This is a little long, but it will help me to get them done.

1. Read the Bible - I have really been enjoying the Old Testament.  As mentioned in earlier posts, I have never read the Bible all the way through.  There are tons of parts that I have only heard the Sunday School versions of without context of the big picture that reading cover to cover provides.  I find myself reading a chapter here and there throughout the day.  It really is something I have found enjoyable.  I'm excited about completing it for the first time of hopefully many more times in the future.

2. Memorize Bible Verses - I am slowly adding new ones as I go along.

3. Memorize a chapter of Psalm - As I read through the book of Psalm, I wrote down chapters that I thought would be good to memorize.  I finally decided on Psalm 8.  It was positive and one that looked good. Hopefully in the next month or so I can get it down.

9. Learn music and chords - I have them on paper, but have get the chords mixed up.  It will just take continued practice.

10. Run races - I've got a 5K coming up in a week, another one in May and hopefully will be running in a relay marathon with Melissa's brothers and Dad.  Still not signed up, but hopefully it will get done.

12. 20:30 5K - May22nd is my hope for getting it done.

15. Free throws - I still think about the one that I missed that would have been number 20.  It hit all parts of the rim but didn't quite make it through the net.  In PE they are doing a basketball unit which means all hoops are at 8 ft. My kids suggested that I should just shoot them from the 3 point line to even it out. Not quite the same. They have one more week of Basketball in PE then I'm moving the hoops back up.  Last time I cranked one up, I had a huge blister on my hand.  Hopefully that doesn't happen again.

16. Freestyle swimming - I want to go to the pool some morning to give it a try.  Maybe it will wait until summer when I can go to the outdoor pool.  The problem is that I will have to watch out for kids doing cannon balls.  We'll see...

27. Letter to Editor - I've almost written to the Beacon News, but I think I will wait until summer for that.  I'm hoping that soon TIME will at least give me a lifetime achievement award and put one line in there for me.

29. Spanish - I'm thinking this will be a wildcard.  It's a sad one to give up on, but I just have too much going on to try to learn another language.

41. Surprise Dates - It's a surprise!

42. Broadway Show - Hopefully this summer

46. Fly a Kite - I'm wanting to make kites with Melissa and the girls and let the girls color them in.  That might be a spring break project.

53. Wood toys - the weather is nicer out.  Hopefully some time soon.

65. Shedd - Spring Break

66. Baseball parks - hopefully will get done this summer.

75. Drum set - Yep, still haven't gotten it.  I'm nervous about going to a guitar/drum store and just giving it a try.  I'm hoping to have a place with no one really around.  I'm sure it won't sound very good.  I just want to give it a try.

78. Bike ride to work - Bike is in the shop and I can't wait to give it some use.  Too bad it's been so nice out this week and is supposed to be nasty next.  This one will be done by the end of the school year.

80. Habitat for Humanity - Summer time

82. Fudge w/ Grandma - Soon I hope! 

83. Wood project with Melissa's G'pa's wood - I might use some of it for the toys for the girls.  Still don't have a master plan yet though.

87. High School Play - Better get on that.  I'm sure play season is coming up.

88. Neighbors on the block - Embarassing but I still only have the two.  This one might also be a wildcard because of the lack of Spanish.

90. Change the oil - I have only driven 2,200 miles in the Altima since August 19th!  That car is the definition of a car that only goes from point A to point B.

97. Get a will - This part NEEDS to get done, if only online.  There's plenty of places out there...Right?

That's where I am at with a lot of the goals.  Many are close to being done, and most have a plan for when they will be done.  This list is attainable! 

If you made it to the end, congrats!  Thank you for your support and helping to keep me accountable to getting this done.  I am sure I would have given up on it awhile ago if it wasn't for the accountability that I get from others that read this blog.  Thanks!


Mom said...

Of course, I read it to the end. I am very confident that you will achieve all the goals that you really want to achieve. I'm so glad the kids got over their illnesses. I love you all very much!

Anonymous said...

I did read until the end. But why would you wild card on speaking Spanish to the neighbors.Maybe you should talk to Mrs. Villa. Plus I think you are the best teacher in the 4th grade!!!!