Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Jewel Post

Sorry Laura, this is about groceries, not the singer.

I know the posts about grocery shopping aren't as thrilling as me shooting free throws or songs I write, but I have to say that when I walk out of a grocery store with massive savings, I can't help to share it.  Melissa always gets a kick out of my excitement when I get home with bags of groceries.  Its just so amazing how much can be saved with extra planning before heading out to the store.  Check out this pillage!

4 12 packs of Coke
2 boxes of cereal
5 packages of Kraft Natural Cheddar Cheese
2 cartons of Orange juice
11 cups of Del Monte fruit
4 lbs. of Chicken
4 cans of Cream of Mushroom soup
2 2-liters of pop
2 lbs. of butter
1 carton of sour cream
3 bags of veggies
1 carton of strawberries
1 frozen pizza
1 gallon of regular skim milk
1 gallon of organic milk
1 Gatorade
8 lb. ham
and the smallest cup of ice cream ever sold.

Before scanning my preferred card the price was $159. After...$104.  I then handed my stack of coupons over and let them do their magic. I actually didn't count them all up first but after they all got scanned the total went down to $47!  I can say this isn't the greatest savings I have ever had, but look at all that stuff.  We will use all of it!  It's silly that I enjoy grocery shopping so much, but to be able to save $112 in one shopping trip (yeah, I know Jewel's prices are a bit inflated) it really becomes something to have fun with.

Hopefully more super savings to come!


Brad and Laura said...

Ha- you know me too well! I was hoping you spotted Jewel and got her autograph for me :)

But that's okay, cause I love grocery shopping too! And I'm sure I'd love it even more if I had your mad saving skills :)

Mom said...

Proud, proud, proud!!!!!