Tuesday, May 17, 2011

96. Wear a tie at least once a week to school

Yes, I did wear the same shirt and tie on purpose.

While this is a good goal to have, it was not a fun one to keep track of.  I wore a tie every week for the past three years of school.  For most jobs that isn't a big deal, but when you work at a school where the dress code gets pretty relaxed it is more difficult.  It is much easier to go with jeans and a button down shirt than slacks and a tie.  When I first posted on this goal I wrote down my reasons for wanting to wear a tie more. 
I am glad this goal is finished.  I like wearing ties to school, but I am not necessarily fond of logging onto blogger to update my count each time that I do it.

Another goal down! 

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Mom said...

Hannah should wear a tie everyday! She's extra-cute with it on!