Friday, May 13, 2011

10. Run two races per year

This goal has been done for a long time.  I wanted to finish it off with the fourth annual running of the Nancy Young Fun Run, but unfortunately that is not until next week and my timeframe is done next Wednesday.  I have enjoyed the Fun Run each year.  None of them compare to the first one though!

This blog originally started as a place for me to write about my thoughts during my training runs for my first marathon.  Little did I know that I would run four more marathons and a few 5Ks along with way.  I thought doing one marathon would be checked off my life list of goals and I would just be able to move on.  Matt was the reason I added in the other marathons.  He wanted to do them and I thought it sounded interesting enough so I said yes. 

Here are the races I have run in the last 996 days:

Tecumseh Trail Marathon
Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham
Covenant Health Marathon in Knoxville
Illini 5K
2009 Nancy Young Fun Run 5K
2010 Nancy Young Fun Run 5K
Icebreaker Marathon
Blackberry Farm 5K

I feel that is enough races to satisfy the criteria.  I plan on doing one next week and maybe one in the summer.  It is just something that keeps me going and exercising.  I have learned that if I am not exercising, I don't feel good about myself. In theory that should be simple enough to cure.  The problem as always is the time.

Another goal marked off!

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