Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Looking for a new child seat

The last few days I have been spending a lot of time looking for a child carrying seat to attach to my bike.  Last spring Melissa found a trailer for me to take the girls around town in.  I used it almost every day last summer.  We went to the bank, grocery store, down the bike path, to parks, just about everywhere we could run errands to.  I usually took them out in the mornings when Charlie was sleeping which allowed Melissa some "free" time at home with a quiet house.

That plan worked great last year.  This year is turning into a different story.  All three kids are fully aware of where the other kids are and what they are doing.  If any one of them know that the other is leaving they get jealous and it makes for an interesting time at home with the remaining child.  That is why I am looking for an addition to my bike so I can tote all three kids around.  The one I am most interested in is this one:

It is a Weeride Kangaroo Child Bike Seat.  It looks funny, but I would feel better about using this kind of carrier over using one that would go behind my seat.  Plus, I would have to remove the rack on my bike that I use a lot, and it would restrict the view that the two kids in the trailer would have.  Come on someone on Craig's List or Naperville Yard Sales, please post one for sale at a good price so I can get rolling!

Man I can not wait for some summer rides down by the river. We feed the ducks and "skip" rocks. One good memory of last summer is when Maddie carried a big rock to the edge of the river, threw it just short of making it into the river and looked at me and said, "I missed."  I look forward to making more memories just like that this summer.  Hopefully this year she will have the strength and ability to get the rock into the water.

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