Monday, May 30, 2011

Next list

Who knew when I stumbled upon this idea 3 years ago that I would have put together one list and carried through on almost completing it.  Matt and I have decided to have a go at it again.  I am putting the finishing touches on my next list as is Matt.  I can not wait to post the goals and get them started!  It was a lot more fun putting the second list together because I now have a feel for what 1001 days looks like and what type of things can be done in that time frame. I set some lofty goals this time, but nothing like learning a new language as I did last time.  I also tried to target goals that would benefit my family and kids more because as they get older there are a lot more things that I can do with them that I couldn't have even dreamed about 3 years ago.
I am Hopeful that some time this week I will be able to get started. 
Thanks again to everyone who reads this blog for all of your encouragement to get this ambitious list done.

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Mom said...

You are an inspiration, Eric! I know you will do everything you set out to accomplish.