Wednesday, November 19, 2008

100 more to go!

I wore a tie to school yesterday. It is the 14th week of school which makes the 14th week I have worn a tie. I counted out how many weeks it would be until the 1001 days are over and I counted 114 weeks that I would be in school. I have worn a tie more times than just the 14, but the goal is written to wear one each week. I like this goal. It helps me to make sure that I am looking more professional and it gives me a chance to wear all of the ties and shirts that I have collected over the years.
When I wore a tie in the past it was a strange occurrence. People would ask what the occasion was and I had my standard reply, "I've got an interview today." Now, people don't ask anymore. I like it that way. To answer the question that many of you reading might be wondering....I don't have any interviews in the works. It's just fun to tell that to your boss. Try it some time.


Matt Weis said...

Have you worked any bow ties in?

Eric said...

I don't have any

Mom said...

Eric Paul and Hannah Grace, how cute you are! Our assistant principals wear ties everyday, so it's good that you're getting used to the noose. I love you!
(Our principal is a woman who probably would wear a tie everyday if she was a man.)