Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm feeling like this marathon is going to happen

My foot feels good. I haven't ran in over a week, but I haven't had it hurt since Tuesday night. The medicine that the doctor gave me was basically a pain killer which means that it is sedating the pain, but not fixing what was the problem. I'm hoping that time is healing the problem. I have a doctor appointment with the orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday morning and they will tell me whether I can run or not. I am thinking that since I don't have pain when I move my foot around and haven't had any pain for awhile, then I should be able to run it.
Another good point that I have to work with is the fact that I am not running this race to win it. I am doing it to finish. As long as I keep up a 17 minute mile pace, I'm good. I plan to go much faster than that, but if it is necessary with injury it is there. (Matt, I'm not planning on taking up that time. That would be horrible!)
All that awaits is my Wednesday morning appointment with the doctor to tell me if it can happen or not. I'm hoping for yes.


Mom said...

Eric Paul, walking around, playing on the floor with the girls, doing whatever it is you do daily, is NOT the same as running a marathon. You be absolutely sure that your foot is ok before you run. Please!!!! I think it is a wonderful thing that you two brothers are friends and doing things together. Thank you, God.

Eric said...

Marathons aren't that big of a deal. Mom, you could do one. I know that you would probably say time and time again that you can't, but there are plenty of people out there of all ages and experiences.
I will follow the doctor's instructions that I get on Wednesday. I have no intentions of starting the race if the doctor doesn't think I can finish it.