Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Aurora Christian Tour

Today I got to run 14 miles. I did the Aurora Christian Tour. That constituted of me running by all three Aurora Christian Schools. I started off heading over to "The Big School." This school is no longer an Aurora Christian School, but was the place that I went for 8 years so I still consider it Aurora Christian. When I got there, I did four laps around the block. I did this because this is what I remember from running when I was younger. 4 laps apparently constituted as a mile. I don't think it really was that long, I think it is farther, at least I hope it was, it felt like forever for me to get through. As I was running around, I kept thinking about how many memories I had in that building. It was a fun bit of time for me. After I got done with Aurora Christian #1, I headed over to the Aurora University area. I got to run by the Hartman's old house. It hadn't changed too much from how I remember it. The trees are a bit bigger and there were some bigger plants, but that's all that seemed different. I ran by Aurora University, then headed to the new Aurora Christian campus that is on Sullivan Rd. It was quite a few miles away. By the time I made it over there, I was excited to run by the football field. My pride came out as I was imagining the 28-20 victory the team had last night over Coal City. A couple more victories and ACS will be the 4A state champs. I'm hoping to see the game next week against Driscol with my brother. Getting back on track...after my jog past I was in the home stretch. The ACS elementary school is on my way home. As I ran by the school, I imagined me as a kindergartner going there. It was a good thought. Oh how long ago that was.
Now that I have given the tour for my run, now for the details for how it went.
The run was horrible! I was really struggling throughout. I probably stopped to walk 8-10 times. The only reason I let myself walk was because I knew that for the marathon we will be walking as well. It was tough. Matt, I really needed you at times to get me through. I'm looking forward to doing some runs with you over the next few weeks. I'm going to need you!


Matt Weis said...

Be more specific. Which plants got bigger?

Eric said...

We can run by on Saturday and I can point them out to you.

Mom said...

Eric, I can't imagine NOT walking when you go 14 miles! You'll have to take me by the new ACS sometime. I don't think I've ever seen it. Once again, I'll say how much I admire you for your self-discipline in not quitting when things are rough. I love you!