Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am writing this post worried about my foot and my ankle. As some of you know I have a marathon coming up in a little less than a week. Last weekend I had an 18 mile run. It went well the first half, but terrible the second half. My foot started hurting a little bit at the beginning, then it got worse as it went along. I was hoping that tylenol and advil would help to get rid of the pain, but it is only getting worse. I am steps away from accepting crutches to make walking easier. (this is only at certain times, it isn't that bad all of the tiem) I have a doctor appointment scheduled for 4:15 today and I am hoping that they will give me some quick fix to make it go away. I want to be able to do this marathon with Matt and am going to do as much as I can to be able to do that, but if they say I can't run, then I can't run. Please pray for me if you read this anytime soon before the appointment.

I went to the doctor. She didn't give me too much to work with yet. She did send me to get x-rays and I will hear back about those tomorrow. She thought it might be a stress fracture. I was told to wait on running until the x-rays come in. I'm hoping that results come back with good news. She did prescribe me a pain medicine that I have to take twice a day. I'm hoping that helps out with the pain I've got right now.


Eric, Melissa, Madeline, and Hannah Weis (and Sammy the dog) said...

I prayed for you ... I really hope it goes well and that you and Matt are able to run together next weekend. I would feel really sad if it didn't work out.

Mom said...

I love you, Eric. I want you to achieve all of your goals. I, of course, am praying for you (all the time). But, please don't do possibly permanent damage to your foot and ankle by pushing them too much. There will be other marathons. I know how disappointing it might be to miss it, but miss it if your foot isn't well. Please.