Sunday, November 2, 2008

What a waste of daylight saving time!

I ran this morning. I didn't get to enjoy the glorious feelings that so many others did by sleeping in. I should have ran yesterday, but we had an event at church that I wanted to be part of. Had I ran yesterday, I would have had to start running at around 5:00 a.m. and that didn't seem like the greatest way to start off my Saturday, so I delayed it to today. I enjoyed the run. The weather was great. It was like 40 out when I left and only got warmer. I ran a few routes that I had never ran before. It was nice to venture out and run in some different places. The cool thing about my run this morning is when I started, there were no cars out on the road at all. I ran through downtown Aurora and the only car that was out was a parked police car. I ran the east side of Aurora for awhile first, then I ventured over to the west side after I got tired of carrying my gloves and hat. After tossing my stuff on the front stoop, I had a few miles to still do. I finished pretty strong on the run and that felt good.
I put some Dane Cook on while I ran. It was a pretty poor choice of track for having something spiritual to think of during my almost two hours of pounding pavement. I did find myself laughing out loud while running. At these times I was happy that there were no cars or people out on the roads.
I had a good time running. Right now, I'm not ready to get out and do the complete marathon yet, but I'm getting closer. I am excited about getting another race under my belt. After talking to Matt about his marathon he did today, I am really excited about doing the race with him. We've got a few weeks left. I have got to say, I am really looking forward to this one.


Mom said...

I love you, Eric! I admire your self-discipline. It was a beautiful day today. I took a walk myself (later in the day). By the way: run, ran, have, has, had run.

Matt Weis said...

I'm so proud of you Eric Paul!