Saturday, November 22, 2008

Goal #25 has been selected

I picked a new goal #25. I don't know why I dragged my feet so long picking a new #25, but I did it. I looked over some of the suggestions that were given and decided I wanted to cook a turkey dinner. Turkey's are really well priced right now and I picked one up. I am thinking I will be waiting until January to cook the dinner, so I have got some time to do some planning. It will be a complete turkey dinner. I am not sure what the sides will be yet, (I'm sure Matt will make a comment for some suggestions) but we will see what comes up in the next month or two. I have never cooked a turkey dinner before. Actually, before I started my list, I hadn't cooked much at all before. Melissa says I am doing pretty well, but I think she would say that no matter what because then she isn't responsible for dinner.

I will give credit to Gretchen for this suggestion. Now I will need to do some looking over of my goals and see if I there are any other ones I need to change-up.


Matt Weis said...

When choosing sides, remember, Chocolate goes with anything

Gretchen Weis said...

You are welcome to make Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday! I'm sure Melis and I could use the extra time to start shopping early. :)

Mom said...

You have to have stuffing. That's the best part of a turkey dinner. In fact,that's all you really need!

Anonymous said...

Need to borrow the deep frier? Thirty minutes and it's ready to go...up to 15 pounds! I promise.