Tuesday, July 21, 2009

22. Eat 5 new fruits or vegetables and learn how to prepare them

Today during my snack time, I decided it was time for me to try to figure out how to cut and eat a mango properly. I have tried it a couple of times before, but have had terrible results. All times before involved far too many juices covering my hands. I knew what I was doing was not the right thing, but I didn't really know what to do. I decided to go to the best place I knew to find out information on how to do stuff. I went to youtube.com. I searched "how to cut a mango properly" and came up with this link. After viewing it, I went and found a sharp knife and got to work.

Here's all I needed to complete this task. A cutting board would have worked just as well, but I needed the lip on the plate as there was quite a bit of juice.

Here's what it looked like after my first four slices. Two big slices and two smaller ones. It still seems to me that there is a lot of wasted fruit, but that is how everyone else does it. (after finishing, I explored the core and found that there really wasn't much lost, it just looks like a lot)

After slicing the fruit part away from the peel, this is what I have left. I was very happy with what I had left as it wasn't a huge mess. All previous attempts up to this point seemed to have more juice than fruit.
This was the final step. In previous attempts, I had mutilated the mango, this time it went just fine. There was a bit of extra juice, but I think for my first attempt with proper direction, I did pretty well.
I enjoyed it, but think that there are plenty of other fruits I would want to eat before the mango. Too much work for me.


Mom said...

As old as I am, Eric, I do not think I've ever had a mango. I think I've had a mango plus other fruit smoothie, though. Thanks for sharing your experience with the world. I love you!

Eric said...

They are good, but nothing spectacular. Next time you come down I'll cut one up for you.

Mom said...

I'll look forward to that!