Monday, July 13, 2009

44. Take Melissa somewhere fun overnight without the girls/45. Take Melissa to The Taste of Chicago

I did these two with Melissa a couple weeks back. As described earlier, I didn't have the extra time to blog in the past few weeks. Melissa did a write up on our trip, but I will share a few things I liked about the trip.
1. My Mom watched the girls for the night and there were no real problems.
2. We ate out a lot. While I don't like it a lot of times, I enjoy going out to fun places. Everywhere we went was new for me...too bad I already had that goal done.
3. I love staying in hotels. Melissa and Matt think it's stupid/crazy, but I love sitting in bed and watching TV. We don't have a TV in our bedroom so it is a special treat for me.
4. The Taste wasn't too busy, it made for a much more enjoyable time not having to push your way through hundreds of people to get your food.
5. We got to check out what Second City was all about. It was a fun time. The stage was super small. We talked about how crazy it was that so many famous people had been on that stage on their way to greatness.
6. We ate dinner at 10:15 after our Second City show. With kids that would never happen. We ate at Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co. We had all been there before and knew it was so good that we needed to go back. It is basically like a pizza pot pie. It was/is delicious!
7. The hotel we stayed at had a pool. I haven't been swimming without kids in a long time. It was nice to be able to relax and just goof around in the pool and not worry about where the kids were. Yes, I did a bunch of canon balls!
8. The last thing I liked is that I think we found a new annual tradition that we want to keep in the coming years. What a good time!

Breakfast - I had stuffed french toast. It was delicious.
I had never seen the bean before this day. I had to convince everyone that I wasn't lying. The only times I had seen it is when people took pictures of their reflections on the bean, so I figured I needed to replicate that pose.
I love this picture for how awkward everyone looks. The funny thing is that they are posed, this isn't just a candid picture as they are getting ready.
I love watching TV in hotel rooms. And no, I didn't just watch the menu channel. I caught some ESPN and CNNs coverage of the Bernie Madoff trial. Talk about thrilling!
Look how empty the street is! I have only been to the taste one other time, and it was terribly busy there.
Here we are waiting for the show to start at Second City. It was a good time.


Mom said...

Sign me up to be the visiting grandma for your annual event. We had so much fun while you were gone having fun! Win-win!

Maureen said...

Sounds like a great trip Eric! I'm glad to hear that you're having some fun in between all those classes ;)