Tuesday, July 21, 2009

8. Read a book about raising a godly daughter

I finally finished my book Raising Unselfish Children in a Self-Absorbed World. The book is by Jill Rigby. Melissa bought this book for me long ago as a birthday present. I have started and stopped reading it multiple times. So many times actually that in this last time, I started from the beginning as I had forgotten a lot of what it had said. Hopefully my memory will be much better after finishing the book.
It was a really good book. I told Melissa that she should read it now that I am done. It gives a ton of practical things to do while raising kids to show them that the world is not all about them. I really appreciated the stories that were in the book that shared how she, or other people she "knew", taught their kids to think of others rather than themselves. I think that is the ultimate goal I would want my kids to be at. Hopefully with what I have read, I can put it into practice.

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Mom said...

Eric, as a small child, you were always willing to share and give away everything you ever had. You will be a wonderful example to your beautiful girls.