Saturday, August 4, 2012

58. Make a meal with all main ingredients from a Farmer’s Market

I finally made it down to the farmer's market to pick up some food for lunch today.  It wasn't the first time I had gone to the market, it was just the first time that I had gone with a plan for a meal.  When I wrote this list I hadn't really thought it out.  It is hard coming up with a meal with just vegetables.

Here's my view from about a block away.  I stopped my bike and snapped a picture.

I went around 11:00.  Not many people there at all.

Purchased corn, lettuce and onions from this stand.

Here is what I used.  I did have to go to the grocery store to pick up the cilantro and the lemon.  Those weren't available at the market.

All mixed up.

I added some shredded chicken to the mixture to make it a little more substantial and then topped it onto a bed of lettuce.

It was actually pretty good.  There is plenty for another meal. It will probably be lunch soon.

35 goals down!


Mom said...

The picture of the final result is beautiful. That could be shown in any cooking magazine! Great job, EP!

Eric Weis said...

That would be a pretty low budget cooking magazine. Thanks Mom!