Friday, August 3, 2012

Charlie's headboard

 Melissa mentioned awhile ago that Charlie needed a headboard.  Really, she just wanted a light wired into the wall, but that would involve a lot of hot and itchy digging in the attic that I didn't want to do.  We came up with the idea that creating a headboard with a light in it.  I had been dragging my feet on any wood projects due to the heat, but, I finally decided to act on a day that was about 100 degrees outside.  Not well planned.

Here's the small haul needed to complete the project.

Here are the extra supplies needed to make it possible.

Framing done with junction box in place.

Here is the work station that I use for most of my projects.  Gotta love taking out the gardening knee pad to do woodwork.

Slats in place with switch box installed.

Wiring.  You may have noticed in my supply picture I have an extension cord.  I just took the one end off the cord and wired it to the switch.  That made it so I have a plug going out of the bottom that can go straight into the wall plug.

One satisfied customer.  I took about 30 pictures and this is the best one.  He just wouldn't hold still because he was smiling, laughing and playing with the light switch.  I don't have a before picture in his room.  Just picture a really big patch of white wall.

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Mom said...

Awesome, Eric! And LOL! I am glad to see that water was part of the needed materials. Charlie is so cute! I will bet that if the neighbors are watching your house at night they will see a lot of light flashing from his room for awhile!