Wednesday, August 15, 2012

65. Go to Hollywood Palms

We made it to Hollywood Palms!

Hollywood Palms is a movie theater in Naperville that we get coupons for all the time, but have never had a chance to go to.  Melissa and I decided that this summer was when we were going to make it happen and we took Hannah and Maddie along with us. This was their first movie at a theater.  We saw Ice Age: Continental Drift.  It was a hit.

Here is where we sat.  They have wait staff there to take food and drink orders during the movie.  We had nachos and chicken tenders.  The chicken was good, the nachos were not that special.

Everyone gets their own chair to sit in and move around in.  Maddie really liked that she could spin. Even with her talking really loud and spinning in the chair, I enjoyed every moment sitting next to her.

Two very satisfied customers!

I would definitely go there again.  The food wasn't as expensive as I had thought it might be and my dates were all wonderful!

37 goals down!

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Mom said...

Really glad you got to go! It gave me some one on one time with Charlie and Lucy!!!! Love all of you!