Wednesday, August 8, 2012

80. Go up in the Leland Tower to overlook Aurora

 I have learned in the past 48 hours that this was a goal that was exciting to me only.  That is ok though.  From when I was little I remember looking at the Leland Tower in amazement because it is about 10 stories higher than any other building in town.

It even has a Wikipedia page!  Does that make it legit? Plenty of city history in that building.

I took pictures around the downtown area of the building.  Don't get too excited.

Shot up Galena Blvd.

From across the Fox River.

The entrance:

View looking north.  Our trees are off in the distance.

View straight down on the river. It is lit up at night.  I bet it looks pretty cool.

The view looking east.  I was amazed at how many church steeples I could see rising up over the trees.

It was fun overlooking the city from a different perspective.  That is really the reason I wanted to go up anyway.  In any other city this wouldn't be that cool, but since I know Aurora so well it was fun to see the tops of buildings and just to look off in the distance and see things and places that I am familiar with that are a few miles away.  That was the enjoyable part of it. 

36 goals down!


Mom said...

EP, If I had known of your interest, I would have taken you there years ago! Sorry I deprived you of this in your childhood! Love......

Eric Weis said...

I think it was pretty trashy back then. Plus, I am sure you wouldn't have let me go in there because there was "probably at least 1 person shot there each day." I'm sure if I went back then I wouldn't have appreciated it.

Mom said...

You've got it wrong! Kane Street is where at least one person is shot each day! and..... yes, adults do appreciate some things more than children.